Dromida Verso Quadrocopter UAV RTF Blå

Varenr.: DIDE10BB
Pris DKK 199,-

With the Verso, you will experience a completely new dimension of quadcopter flight. The Verso is the very first Dromida quad with which you can also fly inverted! Even inverted take-offs and landings are possible! Simply press the invert/ flip button during flight to invert the model and continue the flight upside down. The built-in stabilising system ensures that a stable flight even when Verso is „the wrong way up“! Even the control functions are automatically adapted so that although flying inverted, Verso can be steered as though flying the right way up. In addition, the LED lighting assists with orientation, and helps when flying in bad light conditions.

Technical specifications:
Diagonal between rotor hubs: 110 mm
Length: 145mm
Width: 135mm
Height: 41mm
Weight around: 34 g

RC functions:
Motor, pitch, roll, yaw

• Fully assembled Verso quadcopter
• Built-in LEDs for better orientation and flying in twilight or darkness
• 2.4 GHz RC system
• 350 mAh LiPo flight battery
• AA cells for the transmitter, 4 pcs
• Replacement rotor blades, 4 pcs
• USB charger
• Rotor blade dismantling tool
• Gamer joystick extensions

• All components necessary for operation are included

• Automatic inverted flight function
• Auto flip function
• Easy to fly, thanks to specially stable and gentle flight behaviour
• Bright LED lighting
• SLT-compatible
• All components necessary for operation are included

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