Arrma 1/8 Big Rock 6S BLX EDC 4WD Brushless motor 95+ km/t

Varenr.: AR106017
Pris DKK 4.495,-

Perhaps the ARRMA NERO BIG ROCK 6S is the most powerful monster truck ever built, with almost more power than you can control ... almost. The specially designed ARRMA NERO 'Diff Brain' is fitted with three separate, lockable metal differentials and lots of reinforced chassis parts, helping you to truly harnessall the crazy 6S speed and torque.

- Three full-metal electronic locking differentials (Diff Brain)
Mode 1: all differentials unlocked - Racing-Mode
Mode 2: centre differential locked - Wheelie-Mode
Mode 3: centre and rear differentials locked - Drift-Mode
Mode 4: all differentials locked - Crawler-Mode
- Waterproof ARRMA BLX200 ESC 3/4/6S with LiPo cutoff
- 2000kV 4-pole brushless-motor
- Waterproof ADS-15M high torque metal gear servo (15 kg/0.12 sec)
- Tactic 2.4 GHz SLT RC system
- Sealed receiver box
- Complete metal drive train
- Full set of ball bearings
- Lockable easy access twin battery tray with eject button for different types of LiPo batteries
- Innovative easy access gearbox with patent pending motor/gearbox gear mesh system
- Boots sealed 11mm metal Slider HD U-joints (steel/aluminium)
- Aluminium 17 mm drive hexes
- 16 mm aluminium Big Bore lay-down shocks
- Pivot ball suspension system
- Aluminium motor & gearbox plate
- Modular design heavy duty composite/aluminium TVP chassis for easy access & maintenance
- Vented heavy duty multi plate slipper clutch with aluminium slipper pads
-Pre-glued dBoots tyres on black-chrome Mul multi-spoke wheels
- Matt black painted 2 mm HD body with chrome applications
- Black-chrome plated front and rear bumper
- Reinforced HD U-joints, shock parts and body posts

Technical specifications:
Length: 551 mm
Width: 446 mm
Height: 253 mm
Wheelbase: 378 mm
Ground Clearance: 35-75 mm
Weight: 6250 g *
(* without battery)
Battery tray dimensions (LxWxH): 2 pcs. à 175x35x49 mm
Full proportional RC functions:
Non-proportional RC functions:
Diff Brain/locking diff selection from the transmitter

- Four (type AA) batteries
- 2x2S -2x3S LiPo with XT90-plug

Fully assembled incl. Tactic SLT 2.4 GHz Radio System, Brushless-Motor & ESC, Metal Gear Servo, XT90 Loop Connector, 2x XT90 Battery Connector (female), Motorpinion 15T. & 17T., Optional Centre Skidplate, Suspension Spacer Set, Opt. ESC Mount, Shock Piston Set, Servo Horn Set Cross wrench & Hex wrenches, Manual (multilingual).

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