RISE RXS270 Carbon Fiber Brushless Racing Quad RxR

Varenr.: RISE0270
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The RISE RXS 270 Carbon Racing Quad was specially conceived for the ambitious pilot looking for a full-blooded racer out of the box! The lightweight carbon-fi bre frame was specifi cally developed to withstand the rigours of increasingly popular FPV quadcopter racing. The carbon-fibre frame is not only light, but also extremely torsion-resistant and possesses axial geometry optimally suited to high-speed racing around a racecourse. Already factory-assembled, with 2150 kV brushless motors connected to their controllers this model is capable of breathtaking highspeed fl ights when equipped with a 3-4S flight battery. All you need to do is fit the included pre-programmed CC3D controller and your own receiver and bind the model to your transmitter. The carbon-fibre frame already has a holder for the RISE FPV camera so that you can take spectacular FPV shots with the RXS 270 during racing without problems, but don‘t forget to observe any legal requirements associated with this! The pre-installed LED lighting not only helps recognize the RXS 270, but also warns against an empty battery by beginning to flash. RISE RXS 270 Carbon Racer is a top of the league „out of the box“ model whose performance and capabilities will inspire you!

Technical specifications:
Diagonal between rotor hubs: 270 mm
Length: 230 mm
Height: 80 mm
Weight (without battery and FPV)
around: 461 g

RC functions:
Motor, pitch, roll, yaw

• Assembled carbon race copter
• CC3D fl ight controller (preprogrammed with LibrePilot)
• 6x3“Propeller, 4 pieces
• Comprehensive building and operating instructions

• 5-Channel RC-system
• Receiver
• 3-4S 1300-2200mAh LiPo battery
• Charger

Recommended accessories:
• Order no.: TACJ2652, Tactic TTX650 6-Channel 2.4 GHz R C-system
• Order no.: FPWP7214, FlightPower FP70 2150mAh 14.8V 4S LiPo battery
• Order no.: HCAP0185, PulseTec 906

Optional accessories:
• Order no.: RISE2508, RISE FPV camera
• Order no.: TACZ5000, FPV-T1 5.8 GHz video transmitter
• Order no.: TACZ5150, FPV-RM1 HD monitor with 5.8 GHz receiver
• Order no.: TACZ5305, FPV Cloverleaf antenna

• 100% assembled race quadcopter
• Light strong carbon frame
• Pre-programmed CC3D fl ight controller
• Powerful 2150 kV brushless motors
• Can be fl own with 3S or 4S LiPo batteries
• LED lighting with low-voltage warning

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